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Our vision is that Thais and foreigners understand each other better, live together harmoniously, and collaborate successfully. We want to contribute to building bridges between cultures. Furthermore, our main goal is to ensure that people who come to Thailand feel comfortable, happy, and are successful here in a sustainable way. In this regard, we aim to contribute through our diverse range of services, such as our Relocation & Expat Service.

The founder of My Thai 24, Mr. Georg Haeussler, has been involved with Thailand for over 26 years, living in Bangkok for a total of 18 years. He is fluent in spoken and written Thai and possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise in understanding the country, its people,and its culture. Moreover, he is an internet star in Thailand,with a successful Thai TikTok channel called “Georg Jai Thai” with over 450,000 followers,as well as a thriving Thai YouTube channel ”Georg Jai Thai” with more than 118,000 subscribers.

Thai Tik Tok Channel “Georg Jai Thai”

Thai Youtube Channel “Georg Jai Thai”


Through these platforms, he helps Thais better understand the West and foreigners, which has earned him appearances on Thai television multiple times. Additionally, Georg Haeussler (also known as Georg Jai Thai) has a well-known German YouTube channel called “My Thai 24 – Discover & Understand Thailand” and an English YouTube channel, where he aims to help foreigners better understand Thailand and its people. With over 15 years of experience in consulting, Georg leverages his expertise and knowledge of Thailand to make My Thai 24 the optimal support for your endeavors in Thailand.

My Thai 24 – Your Expert & Trusted Partner in Thailand

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Georg Haeussler
Managing Director

Weera-Anong Srithamma

Pimpisa Bankhuntod
Administration & Accounting

Supaphabhant Maneenil

Pratipat Pratompathama
Logistics & Transport