Thai Driving License & More

Driving in Thailand

Thai Driving License & More

You cannot use only your foreign national driving license to drive in Thailand, and you only can use your international driving license for 90 days. If you stay longer than this, you need to have a Thai driving license in order to drive legally in Thailand. Moreover, having a valid driving license is also important for car insurance coverage. Don`t worry about the process of obtaining a Thai driving license and all the paperwork involved. We will take care of all this and support you throughout the entire process, and ensure you that this will be a hassle-free experience.

We offer support and advice in obtaining your
  • Thai Car & Motorbike License Application
  • Thai Car & Motorbike License Renewal
  • Converting your Foreign Driving License to a Thai Driving License
  • Thai Residence Certificate Application (which you need for the Thai driving license)
  • Vehicle Registration Renewal in Thailand  (tax sticker on the front of your car)
  • Compulsory Third-Party Car Insurance Renewal (Por Ror Bor ...)
  • Arranging a Private Car Insurance for you through our network in Thailand
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