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Many people fall in love in Thailand, particularly foreign men with Thai women, and start a relationship, which is a great and often a win-win situation for both. However, there are also lots of challenges, not only due to the language barrier, but also due to the cultural barrier, which make it often hard to succeed for Thai foreign couples over the long run. The cultural differences are often too large to handle for one or both sides, even if they truly love each other, and thus many Thai foreign relationships fail, sometimes only because of cultural or lingual misunderstandings which is particularly tragic and sad, which actually could be easily avoided by getting advice from a Thai-Foreign intercultural expert.

Beside that, more and more people succeed in migrating to Thailand, which is awesome, too. However, after a rather short happy honeymoon phase, surprisingly many expats living in their dream country get frustrated, unhappy, and seem to be stuck in a kind of permanent cultural shock as they are not able to cope with the local culture well, which is a great pity, too, and could be avoided if they get advice from an Thai-Foreign intercultural expert helping them to get out of the culture shock.

With my vast Thai Foreign intercultural experience and language expertise, I am happy to help both, Thais and foreigners, to solve their intercultural challenges, and to better understand each other; each other`s culture, customs, thinking and behavior in order to contribute to happy and long-lasting relationships, and also to contribute to a happy life of foreigners in Thailand.

Our Intercultural Consulting Services:

  • Thai Foreign Intercultural Consulting
  • Culture Shock Consulting & Crisis Management
  • Thai Foreign Relationship Consulting
  • Thai Foreign Relationship Mediation
  • Thai Foreign Dating Consulting – Helping you to find the right one.  Life is too short to live to waste your time with the wrong one.
  • Thai Foreign Dating Partner Check –  Our Opinion and Evaluation of your Dating Partner.

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