Opening A Bank Account

Open a Bank Account in Thailand

If you plan to stay in Thailand for a longer time or regularly come here, you should have a Thai bank account to avoid excessive bank and ATM fees. Moreover, it is also very useful for local bank transfers, also via mobile phone banking and QR-Code Scan, both of which are very popular in Thailand, and make life a lot easier. However, for foreigners it can be a challenge to open a bank account, particularly if you do not live permanently here or are only on a tourist visa in Thailand. But you do not have to worry about this! We will take care of all this and support you throughout the entire process, and ensure you that getting your Thai bank account will be a hassle-free experience. 

We support you in obtaining your

  • Thai Bank Account
  • Thai Debit Card 
  • Thai Savings Book
  • Thai Online Banking 
  • Mobile Banking (Mobile Phone Banking)
  • QR-Code Payment Option

Incl. Installation of the relevant Mobile Banking apps, and instructions how to use it!

Save time and get it hassle-free! 

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