Relocation & Expat Services

Relocation & Expat Services

Moving to a new country can be a complex and challenging process, especially if it is a country like Thailand, which differs greatly from your home country in terms of culture, customs, and language. If you are relocating with your family and children, the challenge becomes even greater. Simple tasks such as finding the right internet provider or opening a bank account, which you would easily accomplish in your home country, can be a hassle in Thailand due to language barriers, unfamiliar rules and requirements.

Many expats who attempt to handle everything on their own often end up with subpar and overpriced products and services, or even worse, they get scammed, resulting in significant financial losses and wasted time that could have been better spent on work or family.

We are your local experts in Thailand, and ensure that none of these things happen to you or your employees. With our support, you can enjoy a smooth and stress-free transition to life in Thailand, save time, and focus on what truly matters – your family, job, or business. We guarantee that you get the best and most suitable products and services for your needs and wants in Thailand.

Our Relocation & Expat Services in Thailand

  • Relocation support (moving from overseas to Thailand)
  • Import services
  • Organizing of a comfortable and pleasant temporary accommodation for you until we secure a permanent residence.
  • Real estate and property sourcing, purchasing, renting, and selling, together with our real estate & property partners in Thailand
  • Thai immigration: Visa-services Visa-Services ,etc.
  • Work permit application support
  • Health insurance consulting together with our insurance partners in Thailand, for foreigners and Thais. 
  • Opening a Thai bank account
  • Administrative formalities & paperwork handling 
  • School, kindergarten, nursery and nanny search for your kids 
  • Setting up your utilities (electricity & water) 
  • Internet provider service selection & set up assistance
  • Mobile phone provider service selection & set up assistance
  • Thai driving license service
  • Car purchasing service (together with our car expert network) 
  • Interpreting & translating (Thai-English; Thai-German), also short-notice via phone, messenger, etc.
  • Thai document check services 
  • Thai language course 
  • Thai culture seminar – insider tips for a successful & happy life in Thailand 
  • Thailand Question-Answer-Service, also short-notice via phone, messenger, etc.
  • Job search for your spouse
  • Finding the right hospitals and doctors for you
  • Support in finding an expert in anything for you, such as handymen, contractors, car mechanics, etc.
  • Finding the right restaurants, supermarkets, and shops to meet your needs
  • Assist you during emergencies and crisis.
  • Emergency and crisis support

Our in-house expertise, combined with our extensive network of specialists across various fields, ensures that all your needs and wants are satisfied in Thailand.

Save time and have a hassle-free start in Thailand, and 

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